Silver Celtic Ring [Fluctus 1]


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  • Metal: Solid 925 sterling silver
  • Grade: Fine jewellery
  • Collection: Classic collection
  • Stocked sizes: US 6-8 / UK M-Q
  • Custom size orders: Available upon request
  • Presentation: Comes with tarnish resistant pouch and presentation tin

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Fluctus [ I ] Silver Celtic Ring

This listing is for one “Fluctus [ I ]” silver celtic ring in the size of your choice. Use the drop down menu above to make your selection.


noun: a long body of water curling into an arched form and breaking on the shore.

definitions: wave, surf, surge, billow, flowing, ripple

925 Sterling Silver

This is a solid sterling silver celtic ring. Sterling silver is an alloy containing 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper. Pure silver is too soft for everyday wear, so the addition of copper creates a much stronger alloy. This combination of metals enables the preservation of beauty and ductility of silver. Pure silver is prone to tarnishing but the addition of copper helps to reduce these effects.

Fine Jewellery

This silver celtic ring part of our fine jewellery collection. There is no standard definition of the difference between fine and fashion jewellery. At Studio Sumner we classify fine jewellery by the following criteria:


We define fine jewellery by the quality of the metal used. It is comprised from either genuine solid gold, platinum or sterling silver. Gold must be 10 karat or higher. Jewellery comprised from silver plated, antique silver or tibetan silver is fashion jewellery.


Fine jewellery is also defined by the stones and minerals used. We make fine jewellery from natural and synthetic gemstones. Synthetic gemstones have the same physical properties and chemical composition as natural gemstones. Naturally occurring gemstones are mined from the earth.

Imitations & Simulants:

Imitation and simulant stones take on the appearance of genuine gemstones. They are often made from glass or plastic and are not considered for fine jewellery.

Classic Collection

This silver celtic ring is part of our classic collection. Our classic collection is inspired by a wealth of historic British jewellery.

Presentation & Packaging

This silver celtic ring comes in a presentation tin with a tarnish resistant pouch. See the product images for examples. We have opted for presentation tins as we design our packaging to include a minimal amount of plastic. Our cardboard packing boxes provide protection in transit and are recyclable.

Our jewellery is perfect for gifting or to simply enjoy yourself!

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US 6 / UK M, US 6 ½ / UK N, US 7 / UK O, US 7 ½ / UK P, US 8 / UK Q


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